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Meth and heroin are two of the most common drugs found throughout Gold Country, California. They are also involved in a large portion of the area’s prosecuted cases. Just because you are charged with a drug crime, however, does not mean you are guilty. It also does not mean you need to accept the state’s proposed penalties without fighting back.

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I am criminal defense lawyer Clint Parish. I firmly believe in the notion of “innocent until proven guilty,” and it is my passion to help individuals such as yourself get out of tough situations. I am a compassionate, yet aggressive attorney who focuses on getting results quickly and cost-efficiently. I am ready to defend your rights and help guide you through California’s complex criminal justice system.

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Methamphetamine And Heroin Drug Offense Representation

My No. 1 goal in every drug case is to obtain a dismissal of my client’s charges or a not-guilty verdict. I realize this is not always possible, however, but through negotiations it may be possible to participate in programs that are much better than any alternative. I am an experienced negotiator and I will provide honest, candid advice as to the options you might have available, including:

  • PC-1000 program: Successful completion of this 18-month program results in a complete dismissal of your case. It requires you to undergo an initial assessment, attend a minimum of 20 hours of drug counseling, submit to random drug tests and attend an exit conference. The belief with this program is that individuals will benefit more from education and treatment than jail or prison time.
  • Proposition 36 program: Passed in 2000, Proposition 36 allows nonviolent drug offenders to serve time in a drug treatment program in lieu of a prison sentence. The program can last for 18 to 36 months and includes educational courses, detoxification services, outpatient services or residential treatment, and aftercare help. Successful completion will result in a dismissal of your case.
  • California Drug Court: Drug courts are run outside of the traditional criminal justice system and are reserved exclusively to adjudicate nonviolent drug offenses. Independent drug courts are run by each county, and each has a similar goal — to educate and rehabilitate drug offenders in lieu of incarceration. Programs are designed on a case-by-case basis and provide an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to improve his or her life.

I empathize with my clients as meth and heroin dependency are hard to overcome. There is no desire to break the law, yet the need to do so outweighs other alternatives. I will work hard to see your rights are protected and that you get the help, treatment and end result to benefit you now and in the future.

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