Strategic Defense
From A Former Prosecutor

Balancing The Scales Of Justice

If the state has accused you of a crime, you might feel that you do not have a chance. After all, the state has seemingly unlimited resources. However, you should not give up on standing up to preserve your freedom.

In a justice system that is often tilted against defendants, I am here to balance things. At The Law Office of Clint Parish in Sonora, I use my vast experience as a defense attorney and former prosecutor to defend my clients’ rights.

You can turn to me for cohesive defense against charges such as:

Whether it is your first time tangled up in the justice system or you have repeat offenses, whether you are a white collar professional or a college student, I am prepared to protect your rights. You can learn more about my career by clicking the link below:

The Invaluable Experience Of A Former Prosecutor

Before starting my criminal defense practice, I served as a prosecutor. From someone who spent 12 years constructing cases for the state, I understand the elements of a successful defense. I have seen which arguments and strategies prove successful. With this invaluable knowledge and experience, I can anticipate elements of the state’s case and use it to your advantage.

What Should I Look For In A Defense Attorney?

Of the many defense law firms in California, why should you rely on me? I have all the attributes necessary for a strong criminal defense:

  • Breadth of experience
  • Hundreds of cases handled
  • Favorable outcomes of acquittals, dropped charges, reduced sentencing and plea bargains
  • Compassion and care for my clients

I also strive to keep my services affordable. To start, I offer free consultations in which you and I can talk about your situation and discuss your options.

Fight For Your Rights – Make Your Free Consultation Today

You cannot correct the tipped scales of justice on your own. Fortunately, I can help you. Reach out to me to schedule a free, confidential consultation. Call 209-288-4565 or send me an email.