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Felons Possessing Firearms And Using A Weapon To Commit A Crime

It is no secret — California is very harsh when it comes to prosecuting firearm-related crimes. I am attorney Clint Parish, and I provide experienced defense representation to individuals throughout Tuolumne County and its surrounding area. I have significant experience litigating criminal cases involving firearms, and I will work tirelessly to protect your rights.

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Convicted Felons Possessing Pistols, Rifles and Shotguns

The illegal possession of a firearm is a serious offense, but the severity increases exponentially if you were previously convicted of a felony. It is illegal for anyone convicted of a felony (and certain misdemeanors) to possess, buy, receive or control a firearm in California.

Criminal charges can be brought against you even if you are not found with a loaded gun on your person. For example, you might face a weapons charge if a gun is present in your residence (even if you have no knowledge of its existence), or if an unloaded gun is under your control.

I realize these are difficult laws to understand and many people are arrested without ever realizing they broke the law. I will get to work immediately to investigate the case against you. I will analyze the police report, scrutinize how evidence was obtained and prepare a strong strategy to obtain the best outcome possible.

Using A Gun To Commit A Crime

Crimes such as assault, battery and robbery have their own unique sentencing guidelines. However, the use of a firearm in furtherance can increase these penalties. California law dictates that anyone who uses a firearm while committing a crime could face an additional 10 years in jail. This increases to an additional 20 years if the gun was discharged, and 25 years to life if the discharge caused serious bodily harm.

If convicted, this time will be spent in a state-operated prison rather than a county jail. Do not leave your future and your freedom to chance or trust it in the hands of a less experienced lawyer. I am an experienced litigator with more than 10 years of experience negotiating plea deals and trying cases in front of a jury. I am results-orientated and will work hard to obtain the best outcome possible quickly and cost-effectively.

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