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Reduce Your Felony Conviction – Prop 47

California Prop 47 was passed in November 2014, changing the sentencing guidelines for certain crimes that were previously considered felonies. These crimes will now be charged and sentenced as misdemeanors. This applies retroactively (with a three-year statute of limitations) to individuals who were charged with these crimes in the past. These people can now petition, even from prison, to have their past charges lowered from a felony to a misdemeanor.


Proposition 47 Re-sentencing And Penalty Reduction

A successful petition is not guaranteed, though. It is important you have an attorney who is knowledgeable in handling Prop 47 petitions and can provide you with capable representation in seeking to get the charges lowered.

At The Law Office of Clint Parish, we are experienced in helping clients throughout California who were convicted of certain felonies get their charges and sentences reduced.

If you or a loved one has been convicted of one of the following crimes, call our law office to learn your options for having those charges lowered.

Prop 47 applies to the following crimes and charges:

  • PC 459 (Commercial burglary or burglary of less than a $950 value)
  • PC 470-476 (Forgery charges and bad checks)
  • PC 484 (Petty theft and shoplifting)
  • PC 487 (Grand theft)
  • PC 496 (Stolen property of less than a $950 value)
  • PC 666 (Petty theft with prior convictions)
  • HS 11350 (Possession of a controlled substance)
  • HS 11357 (Possession of concentrated cannabis or marijuana)
  • HS 11377 (Possession of a controlled substance)

Our attorneys will review your charges and provide you with a clear understanding of your options for having those charges lowered to a misdemeanor.

We also work with individuals already incarcerated. If this is the only charge you are serving time for, and you have already served the amount of time required for a misdemeanor, you may be released. We will work with the appropriate judges and administrative offices to secure your release, in such a case.