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Potential penalties for an armed robbery conviction in California

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Facing charges of armed robbery can be sobering. Not only do you have to deal with the immediate consequences if you are convicted, but you may also face long-term consequences because of this crime. 

Because the potential penalties for this crime are so serious, it’s recommended that you establish a strong defense as early as possible. Here you can learn more about the punishment for an armed robbery conviction in California. 

When are you charged with armed robbery in California?

Armed robbery is considered a felony in California. There are three main parts to this charge:

  • Taking another person’s or entity’s property or possession
  • An item that is on the person or nearby 
  • Taking the item without permission and using violence or threats when doing it

Essentially, this means that you take something that belongs to someone else by threatening the person with violence. This can be something small, like a phone or wallet, or something larger, like a vehicle. 

Potential consequences of an armed robbery conviction

The consequences you will face if convicted of armed robbery depend on if you were convicted of first-degree or second-degree armed robbery. 

Both charges carry jail time, with first-degree charges carrying prison time ranging from three to nine years, depending on the circumstances, and second-degree charges carrying prison time of two to five years. You may also face significant fines, parole after release, and other long-term consequences. 

Building a defense against armed robbery charges in California

The penalties for armed robbery in California are significant. It’s up to you to start building a defense quickly after you are arrested. Knowing your legal rights and viable defenses can help you with your situation and potentially minimize the penalties you face.