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What are the real consequences of domestic violence convictions?

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2023 | Domestic Violence

Those charged with domestic violence are in much hotter water than they may believe. U.S. lawmakers typically take a hard stance against domestic abuse or violence and seek to punish offenders.

Those accused of inflicting corporal (bodily) harm on a family member or intimate partner in California could face felony charges. The possible penalties are imprisonment and expensive fines. However, the collateral consequences of such a conviction are often far more destructive.

It may hurt personal relationships

Your family members may not know how to process and deal with your conviction, and your own complex emotions may worsen the problem. Sometimes, this results in a rift that is hard to repair. Many lose the relationship that may have spawned allegations of violence or abuse. Once trust between spouses or partners is compromised, it could be lost forever.

It could harm your professional life

Many employers hesitate to hire or retain employees with a conviction in their past. Unfortunately, this could harm your current or future job prospects.

Another thing to consider is that some state professional licenses require the recipient to have a clean background. For example, under California law, those convicted of serious or violent felonies are not eligible for employment in the education industry.

A conviction could also:

  • Harm parent/child bonds
  • Cause problems with housing
  • Interfere with child custody and visitation

As you can see, avoiding a conviction is vital when charged with domestic violence. Overcoming your circumstances can protect you, your kids and your job while helping you clear your good name. It may also allow you to begin healing any relationships harmed by domestic violence allegations.