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What kinds of assault can get you into serious trouble?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Generally, assault is classified as a criminal act to harm someone or put them in a sense of fear for their life. Assault isn’t a universal term, however, and can be caused by several different reasons. 

You may be acting out of sudden anger, after being provoked. You may be attempting to defend yourself or someone else. Whatever the case, an assault charge is possible through many different actions.

The difference between simple and aggravated assault

Typically, assault is classified as one of two ways: simple or aggravated. There’s a big difference between the two forms of assault.

Simple assault typically involves minor damages to someone. Someone may even fear for their lives because of threatening movements and gestures by the aggressor. Simple assault may look like an aggressor raising a fist at a victim as if to punch them or a poke in the chest with a finger.

Aggravated assault often involves major bodily damages. Aggravated assault charges may worsen if the aggressor used a weapon against the victim. If someone stabbed someone with a knife, then that assault would likely be considered aggravated. 

Other types of assault that can lead to criminal charges

Verbal assault may be one of the most common forms of assault. Verbal assault can cause someone to fear their life is in danger and may even cause post-traumatic stress disorder. People may verbally assault someone with racist comments or in a fit of sudden rage.  

Sexual assault is the act of intimately touching someone without their consent. This may look like minor touching to forced sexual acts. Sexual assault can happen at home, bars, school and work — but even so much as putting your hand in the wrong place in a crowded bar can lead to allegations.

Assault can lead to legal fines, restraining orders and incarceration. If you were recently accused of assaulting someone, you may need to reach out for legal help when building a solid defense