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You are wrongly accused of a computer sex crime

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2021 | Sex Offenses

Your computer is not as private as you think. It is especially true of one you leave unlocked, perhaps at work, college or in your home.

As a result, someone else could put images on your computer that could lead to you facing criminal charges. They might do it out of spite, or they might do it to hide the fact that they are the ones viewing or sharing those images. Here are some things to avoid doing if accused of a computer sex crime:

Do not hand over your device without a warrant

If the police wish to search your phone or computer, they need to show you a warrant. However, if they ask if they can take a look and you say yes, you have given permission, so they do not need the warrant.

Do not contact the accuser

If someone accuses you, any attempt to contact them may be seen as intimidation. That person might even record your conversations or messages and twist or edit them to use against you.

Do not try to delete things

If someone catches you manically deleting images from your computer, they will assume you are trying to cover something up. Besides, investigators can usually recover most things you delete.

Do not talk too much

If you are accused of a computer sex crime, you need to seek legal advice on what you should or should not say. The police and investigators are not your friends in this situation.

The stigma surrounding a sex crime can have a massive effect on everything from your social life to your career. Even if you are proven innocent, people often assume there is no smoke without fire. Tackling the allegation promptly and correctly will be crucial to protecting your innocence, reputation and future.