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Criminal Defense for Students

Any criminal conviction, even a DUI or petty theft can follow you for life if you are convicted in the adult criminal justice system. A conviction may show up on background checks run by colleges, graduate schools, employers, landlords, volunteer organizations and financial institutions.

In addition your college or university enrollment and scholarships may be affected or terminated. To prevent these consequences from ruining your present or your future, you want smart, strategic representation from an experiences trial attorney. As a former prosecutor, I have handled thousands of criminal cases. Today I use this experience to defend college students, young people and adults charged with a range of crimes as a Criminal Defense Attorney.

I can represent college students who have charges pending in Gold Country, including Amador, Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties. You can contact me for a defense against charges such as:

•· Possession of a Controlled Substances, Marijuana, Cocaine, Etc.

•· Minor in Possession of Alcohol, Underage Drinking

•· Possession of an Open Container

•· DUI

•· Drugs Charges

•· Computer Crimes

•· Theft Crimes

•· Assault

As someone who has practiced in California for years, I know diversion options and other options which may prevent permanent criminal records. A criminal record can destroy the future of a promising young person who might have made a small, single mistake. Often in less serious cases, I can negotiate for community service and a dismissal or if a conviction is required a person might be suitable for sentencing alternatives such as work release or community service.

If you or your loved one is a college student facing criminal charges in Amador, Calaveras, or Tuolumne, contact my office for a Criminal Defense Attorney.

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